Garmin has announced that PlaneSync is now available for retrofit installations, simplifying the lives of aircraft owners and operators.

  • Using a 4G LTE cellular or Wi-Fi connection provided by the new GDL 60 datalink, PlaneSync technology enables impressive avionics connectivity capabilities to streamline an aircraft owner’s pre-flight and post-flight activities.
  • Eliminating the time-consuming process of updating databases via PC and data card, PlaneSync technology automatically downloads databases to the aircraft.
  • Added capability coming in early 2024, PlaneSync will automatically transmit engine and flight log data to secure cloud storage after landing.
  • Remote aircraft status allows aircraft owners to view the current status of the aircraft and its systems via the Garmin Pilot app or their D2 Mach 1 smartwatch.
  • PlaneSync is compatible with popular Garmin avionics such as GTN Xi series navigators, TXi series flight displays, GI 275 electronic flight instruments.

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