iLevil3 AW Front Box

Wireless AHRS, GPS, ADS-B receiver and now, Data Recorder!

June 2016 – Levil Aviation is once again bringing innovation to flight! With the release of the new iLevil 3 series, you will now have Data Recording capabilities.

Over the last 3 years the iLevil has cemented itself as one of the best AHRS, GPS, and ADS-B receivers on the market. The new iLevil 3 boasts all of the same features of units past and adds the ability to accept a standard SD memory card which will record and save all of your flight information.

This information can then be transferred into an excel spreadsheet to gain a clear picture of your flight (position, airspeed, altitude, attitude, etc.). The data is also saved in FDR and GDX format which will allow users to replay their flight in X plane flight simulator, Google Earth and more.

Additional information on the iLevil3

  • Optional GPS source meets the position source performance requirements of §91.227 for ADS-B OUT in the experimental aircraft market.
  • Ability to communicate with currently installed transponders (mode-s), to activate extended squitter, meeting ADS-B mandate for 2020 on experimental and light sport aviation.

Levil Aviation envisions this becoming a great tool in the industry. Whether being utilized in a flight school environment to recreate flights in a safe environment with students or flight testing a new aircraft, users will now have access to valuable information with minimal effort and cost.

The iLevil 3 will be available on July, 25, 2016 at a starting price of $1,195. This product can be purchased at or in any general aviation store or website.