The FAA announced that beginning January 13, 2020, all applicants for an FAA airman certificate will be required to obtain an FAA Tracking Number. The FTN will be used during airman knowledge testing processes for manned and unmanned aircraft, mechanic, and other certifications.

The FAA stated that the use of the FTN will help reduce inconsistencies and errors in applicants’ information, such as use of middle initials or middle names, that sometimes leads to rejection of the application.

Those who have an airman certificate already have an FTN and will need to register for a new account through the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application website, which is where a new FTN can be obtained.

You can read the FAA’s frequently asked questions about FTNs here. The agency is also holding two webinars on January 8 to help explain the new testing system.