1979 Piper Turbo Dakota PA-28-201T Chris Waggoner
1979 Piper Turbo Dakota PA-28-201T courtesy of Chris Waggoner

Airworthiness Directives, Piper Turbo Dakota ADs for PA-28-201T airplanes, This list of Piper Cherokee PA-28-201T ADs is provided as a service and is copied directly from the FAA website. We do not guarantee this is up-to-date. Click here to browse this on the FAA website.

AD NumberEffective DateSubject
79-13-036/8/1979Fire Hazard Prevention
79-22-0210/26/1979Fuel Leakage
79-26-051/3/1980Oil and Fuel System Hoses
80-14-037/1/1980Bendix, King or Narco Transmitters
86-17-018/21/1986Ammeter Replacement
87-08-08 R3Lower spar cap
96-10-036/14/1996Flap Handle Attach Bolt
99-05-093/19/1999Induction Air Filter
2018-07-034/20/2018Placard and Markings
2013-02-133/11/2013Stabilizer Control System
2010-15-108/31/2010Control wheel shafts
2006-03-083/10/2006Vacuum pumps
2005-01-192/23/2005Mode S transponders
2001-23-1712/28/2001GNS 430 units
98-21-21 R15/1/2000Electric Inflatable Door Seals
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