1980 Piper Navajo PA-31-325 Erik Scheller
1980 Piper Navajo courtesy of Erik Scheller

Airworthiness Directives, Piper Navajo ADs for PA-31 airplanes. This list of PA-31 ADs includes the Piper Navajo. Several versions of ADs are available for this aircraft on the FAA website. We do not guarantee this is up-to-date. Click here to browse this on the FAA website.

AD NumberEffective DateSubject
2000-25-011/19/2001Main Landing Gear Door Hinges
67-25-06Oil Cooler Hoses
68-13-016/25/1968Electrical Wire Arcing
68-20-049/27/1968Elevator Torque Tube
69-06-043/27/1969Elevator Control System Friction
69-11-056/5/1969Stall Strips
69-13-04Landing Gear Warning System
70-22-0511/30/1971Electrical System Modifications
71-01-041/14/1971Toxic Fumes from Battery
71-12-056/16/1971Electric Trim Switch Modification
74-26-0412/19/1974Explosion Hazards
74-26-1012/26/1974Shutting Down Engine
75-09-104/28/1975Push-Pull Tube End Fittings
76-04-113/5/1976Loose Bolts
77-01-061/19/1977Horizontal Stabilizer
77-03-032/9/1977Aircraft Data Plate
77-07-034/4/1977Electrical Terminals
77-08-0211/15/1977Electrical Short
77-09-105/12/1977Electric Trim Switch
77-12-024/10/1978Elevator Balance Weights
77-14-147/19/1977Skin Deformation And Loose Or Missing Rivets
77-19-069/27/1977Aileron Cables
77-24-014/17/1978Stabilizers and Fins
78-01-021/3/1978Elevator Bungee
78-05-053/8/1978Cabin Door Latch
78-05-066/30/1978Flexible Fuel Cells
78-08-104/25/1978Fuel Selector Lever
78-25-031/15/1979Hose Assemblies
79-12-027/2/1979Elevator Surface Travel
79-14-027/6/1979Control Wheel Shaft Stud
79-20-0710/2/1979Lighter Circuit Breaker
80-17-028/8/1980Elevator Balance Weights
80-18-109/8/1980Fuel Selector Valves
81-15-037/20/1981Engine Inlet Air Filters
82-27-13 R28/18/1983Flap Extension System
85-08-055/20/1985Strut Housing Inspection
87-21-0111/2/1987Fuel Filler Openings
92-27-051/29/1993Aileron Control System
93-23-131/21/1994Engine Baffle Seals
93-24-02 R12/15/1994Elevator Control Tube Assembly
96-10-146/27/1996Main Landing Gear Sidebraces Inspection
96-10-156/27/1996Wing Attachments WS 147.5 Inspection
96-21-0312/10/1996Aileron Spar Crack Inspection
96-21-0412/10/1996Hydraulic Hose Inspection
96-21-1112/16/1996Main Landing Gear Actuator Reinforcement Bracket
96-24-131/17/1997Landing Gear Selector Cable
97-07-035/15/1997Nose Wheel Assembly
98-08-185/26/1998Elevator Bungee Spring
98-09-256/15/1998Lower Spar Splice Plate
99-06-014/20/1999Horizontal Stabilizer Rear Spar
99-12-057/23/1999Elevator Spar Assembly
99-14-018/17/1999AFM – Limitations Section – Icing
2017-10-206/29/2017Fuselage–Main Bulkhead
2015-24-051/12/2016PLACARDS AND MARKINGS; Interior Placards
2013-10-047/17/2013Engine Exhaust
2009-13-06 R111/3/2011Doors
2009-13-067/24/2009Nose baggage door
2006-03-083/10/2006Vacuum pumps
2005-18-2010/14/2005“FASTprop” propeller de-icers
2004-25-16 R16/20/2005Fuel regulator shutoff valve
2003-24-072/9/2004Rudder torque tube
2001-06-015/8/2001Elevator Structure
2000-06-065/5/2000Pneumatic Deicing Boots
98-21-21 R15/1/2000Electric Inflatable Door Seals
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