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MAY 2013


10 “Inside Information”
Simple Suggestions to Spruce up Your Plane’s Interior
By Floyd Allen

16 Take Charge of Your Annual Inspections – Owner Assisted Annuals vs. Taking your Plane to the Shop
By Jim Cavanagh

26 Tactical Flashlights
Find the Right Light for Your Flight!
By Max Lundin


8 Safety Corner
Get Maximum Benefit from Your Personal Minimums

By Mike Adams

30 Featured Plane
The Tomahawk

Piper’s Entry-Level Trainer vs. the Cessna 150
By Bill Cox

38 Aviation Education
The Stabilized Approach
—Defined and Demystified
By Scott Stahl

46 Under the Cowling
A Simple Guide to Aircraft Hose & Tubing Maintenance

By Jacqueline Shipe

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