visor with tags
New Rosen lens, out of the box.

The Rosen visors in my plane were looking pretty bad last summer, so I removed them for the win­ter. I didn’t have a replacement plan in mind, I just knew that the lenses were getting difficult to see through.

Since the original cost was about $450, I wasn’t too keen on buying new ones. The current cost for visors for my Turbo Arrow is now $548 from one of the sources where I looked. While that may not be ex­tremely expensive in airplane dollars, in real dol­lars it certainly is. I went about researching an alternative, and while there were some, in my opinion, none were nearly as good as the Rosens.

So I finally called Rosen, hoping that they might give me a price break on a new set of visors. That was not to happen; rather, they told me the parts are re­placeable and were currently in stock! So I purchased two new lenses for about $180 total, and a pair of new red friction knobs for them. With shipping, it came in under $200.

In the end, I wound up with two like-new visors without hav­ing to replace them. I was happy, my wife was happy, and now flying into the sun is manageable again.

scratched visor
The old, disassembled visor.
New, assembled visor.