On July 26, the FAA announced a proposed AD for affecting turbocharged, reciprocating engines with certain v-band couplings, including both Piper aircraft. The proposed AD was prompted by failures of spot-welded, multi-segment v-band couplings at the tailpipe to the turbocharger exhaust housing flange. According to the FAA’s announcement, “Since the mid-1970s, failures of v-band couplings that attach the exhaust tailpipe to the turbocharger exhaust outlet have resulted in a significant number of incidents and accidents (fatal and non-fatal)….” As a result, this proposed AD would establish a life limit for these couplings and require repetitive inspections of them. For more information and a list of the Cessna and Piper models affected, visit https://www.regulations.gov/document/FAA-2022-0891-0001.