UAvionix announced on October 8 that it has acquired avionics startup AeroVonics LLC. UAvionix stated that the acquisition is part of the company’s longtime goal of offering in-cockpit products in addition to its remote mount and exterior products.

“We’ve wanted to be front and center in your cockpit for a while, but we wanted to do it right,” the company said in a statement on its website. “We all fly aircraft that can benefit from safety and reliability updates, but these updates need to be performed affordably and with minimal disruption. The AV-30 is innovative … and looks right at home in your six-pack. The 3” round … display lets you keep your vintage, analogue look while modernizing to digital precision.”

In addition to the AV-30 PFD, AeroVonics’ AV-20S MFD is approved under the FAA’s non-required safety enhancing equipment process, which allows it to be installed as a minor alteration in most GA aircraft. UAvionix has also indicated that it will enhance the AV-30’s functionality to include autopilot integration, transponder control, and a cockpit display traffic indicator that will provide visual and aural ADS-B traffic alerts. 

While uAvionix’s recent product releases and announcements have been centered around manned GA aircraft, the company stated that it hopes to integrate the AV-30 technology into unmanned systems in the future.

“The AV-30 without the display screen is a fully self-contained and to-be-certified air data attitude and heading reference system (ADAHRS),” the company stated. “That is something we think is going to be a key component of large and medium to high altitude UAS and urban air mobility (UAM) systems in the future, not to mention the displays on the ground control stations (GCS) for such systems.”

AeroVonics’ AV-20S and AV-30 displays are now available through uAvionix and installation will be available through uAvionix’s qualified installer network, which offers 700 locations across the U.S. and the option to have an installer come to you.

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