Two crashes on September 14 accounted for the 31st and 32nd fatalities involving Piper airplanes so far in 2022, according to FAA data. That is on pace with last year’s 41 fatalities.

The Piper Owner Society occasionally recaps fatalities as a learning tool for pilots, as the reports are very often informative and important. We have aggregated all of the available reports into one PDF on our website.

One of the crashes killed three people who were on a work trip for church. Another was a hunter in Alaska. In July, a collision between a 172 and a Piper Malibu Mirage killed four people in total.

Diagrams and photos are in the PDF here, which is a combined PDF of all preliminary reports issued so far in 2022, aggregated by oldest to newest. The newest fatality has no PDF in the report below because it has no preliminary report yet.

This report is being made available to all website visitors including non-members.

Click here to download or read the PDF.