aircraftsprucelogoMike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies announced that the company is offering Cessna and Piper aircraft owners a $150 trade-in credit on legacy Chrysler and Ford alternators when they upgrade to a new-generation Plane-Power alternator until March 31, 2017.

The new Plane-Power alternators for Cessnas and Pipers are smaller and lighter with dual fans and a longer-life brush design, which means these new alternators run cooler and last longer on the aircraft than any overhauled legacy unit.

“Along with the improved performance, the new Plane-Power alternators come with a full, two-year factory warranty,” he said. “Overhauled units come with one-year coverage at best and it’s often less than that.” As stated by Mike Disbrow.

To qualify for the $150 trade-in credit, an aircraft owner needs to purchase the appropriate Plane-Power alternator conversion kit from and complete the online form at: more information, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-477-7823 or 951-372-9555 and reference Plane-Power.


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