Window inspection prisms are primarily used by shops and owners of pressured aircraft to look inside window panes and examine for cracks around the mounting holes.

Naturally, these prisms must be perfectly transparent so that examiners have a clear view when performing inspections.  However, prisms get scratched over time and need to be polished to remove any damage and regain their transparency. Such care is not only a cost-effective means of prolonging a prism’s life, but it’s a big plus for safety as well.

Aircraft Window Repair (AWR) believes that many of the prisms currently in use are in desperate need of polishing. In response, they have introduced the easy-to-use P-17A Prism Polishing Kit (P/N P1720172) for customer-based requests.

The kit is priced at $95, and each kit should be good for several polishes.

Due to popular demand, AWR also announced plans to produce a polishing kit intended for smaller, unpressurized aircraft as well.

For more information, or to order the new AWR P-17A Prism Polishing Kit, call (310) 212-7173 or visit