Mike Jones, Schaumburg, Illinois, 1966 PA-28-180 Cherokee

I’ve been changing Cherokee oil for many years, and some of you may also do your own oil changes. Here is one tip that works even if you are simply adding oil. I do not use a tradi­tional funnel or special threaded tube to add oil. Instead, I cut an old oil jug. The threads are an exact match to the Lycoming oil filler neck. I also discovered that the older AeroShell con­tainer is a bit larger than the newer style container, so the new ones slide right in. You can walk away and do something else without spilling a drop.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”! Instead of a funnel or special spout, try the oil container itself. AeroShell containers thread right into a Lycoming oil filler neck.

Park it right every time.

Todd Cavins, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 1974 PA-28-180 Archer

Park your plane right every time. I use these self-adhe­sive chocks on the hangar floor. (Degrease well before ap­plying.) This ensures I get the plane in nice and straight. No repositioning needed.

David McQuade, Columbia, Tennessee, 1968 PA-28-180 Cherokee

My electric towbar was slipping a lot on smooth concrete until I bought strips of self-adhesive, non-slip material, which also serves as the perfect centerline guide.

Inside my T hanger at Columbia, Tennessee (MRC). Unfortunately, I’m tying down at a different airport until the runways are resurfaced this summer.