The Piper Owner Society will launch a new, free-to-members webinar program on Friday, October 19, with a webinar by Scott “Sky” Smith entitled “Health, Aging, and Aircraft Insurance.”

Avionics expert Bob Hart will present two webinars in the following months, one for pilots who haven’t yet started their ADS-B Out planning, and another on Piper Legacy Avionics.


What Is a Webinar?
In short, it’s a seminar that you watch on your computer, phone or tablet. You can ask questions by typing them in.

Do I have to attend the live event?
No, there will be a recording, and you can ask questions before or after the event. Questions asked after the event will be answered in our forum.

Does this cost anything?
This a new, additional member benefit for all members. Some future webinars might have an additional cost, but most will not.