Company’s line of FAA STC’d engine and airframe modifications will help Piper PA-28 owners fly slower, faster and safer.

Plane Dynamix is proud to announce its acquisition of Art Mattson’s line of FAA approved airframe and engine STCs for Piper PA-28 series aircraft.

“Art was synonymous with improving Cherokee performance and safety and we are thrilled to be able to bring his creations back to the Piper community,” said Dan Benedix, Pilot Partner, Plane Dynamix. “Having his daughter, Pam join us and keep the Mattson name associated with these outstanding STCs just felt right. We couldn’t imagine trying to do it without her.”

“I’m very excited to have my father’s legacy carried on by someone with a great passion for aviation,” Ms. Mattson said.

Whether a Cherokee pilot is looking to save fuel, increase top speed, or climb out a little better on those hot days and short runways, Plane Dynamix’s family of engine and airframe modifications will provide an array of performance improvements to PA-28 series airplanes.

Benedix said that many of Mattson’s popular STCs are available for immediate shipment. These STCs include:

  • Gap seals, which improve the laminar air flow over the wing and stabilator.
  • Engine upgrade certificatesthat provide the industry’s only unrestricted 10-horsepower upgrade for the Lycoming O-320.
  • Propeller tip modifications for the Sensenich propellers. This mod reshapes the tips to reduce drag and increase the propeller blade’s efficiency.

He also said that Mattson’s line of Vortex generators and stabilator tips for improved wing and stabilator performance are also available for pre-orders, with anticipated delivery dates in early December of this year.

The Art Mattson STCs are not only legendary in the Cherokee world for their aerodynamic effectiveness, but also for their affordability. When it comes to improving the performance of airplanes, “affordable” is a term rarely used to describe the process.

As Benedix explained, “As a Cherokee owner, I and everyone at Plane Dynamix hold to the belief that flying faster can help pilots accomplish their missions in less time, and being able to fly slower provides a genuine safety improvement. Our goal is to offer Art’s line of upgrades and modifications at prices that will enable every PA-28 owner to fly safer and more efficiently.”

About Plane Dynamix – Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Plane Dynamix is working to provide the aviation community with highly effective and affordable airframe and engine modifications for Piper PA-28 series aircraft. Current product offerings include vortex generators, stabilator tips, propeller modifications, gap seals, airframe upgrades and engine upgrade certificates. To find out more about Plane Dynamix products, visit or call 407-917-2FLY (2359).