Four-cylinder electronic ignition kit

Smooth Power, LLC. has formally completed their first year as a distributor for the Electroair certified and experimental electronic ignition systems. Through aggressive product stocking, heavy air show attendance, and lots of miles traveled, Smooth Power has quickly positioned itself as the number one Electroair distributor in the country.

Smooth Power is owned and operated by Darrell and Rhonda Pool. This team has worked together in the aviation industry for more than 15 years with their previous company in the propeller overhaul and repair business. That business has been sold and continues to operate very well today.

In order to make the transition from propellers to engine performance, a great deal of knowledge needed to be learned at a very rapid pace. The folks at Electroair, namely Mike Kobylik, lead engineer and owner, worked extensively with Smooth Power to build their knowledge base. Smooth Power not only distributes the products but they also help with installation plans and training, as well as the occasional trouble shooting.

To further their commitment to the product, Smooth Power also purchased a 2000 Cessna 172SP to use as a demo for the system and as a much-needed aircraft for the local aero club. The aircraft, to date, has flown almost 500 hours in less than a year and has proven to be the favorite of the club’s planes for its smoothness, power, and much improved fuel economy.

Ignition switch panel

Here’s how the Electroair systems work:

Whether you have an experimental or certified aircraft the system is basically the same. One magneto is replaced with a Magneto Timing Head (MTH) which provides crankshaft position and RPM information. On some applications, the RPM and crankshaft position information will be supplied by a Crankshaft Trigger Wheel (CTW) in which case the removed magneto will be replaced with a cover plate.

The controller, the brains of the system, is installed on the cool side of the firewall and receives this information. The controller in turn uses this information to instruct the inductive coil (typically mounted on the firewall) to fire the appropriate spark plug. The controller gives this order twice per cycle, initially on the compression stroke and then again on the exhaust or waste stroke. This is known as a waste spark system and serves to burn any residual fuel thus completely cleaning out the cylinder and reducing deposits.

Once the aircraft is at altitude, and operating below 24″ of manifold pressure, the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) lets the controller know it’s time to start advancing the timing. This allows the engine to perform more efficiently, with less fuel, while also producing more power. This is a true, highly tuned, electronic ignition system and it is now FAA/PMA approved for most certified and experimental installations.

Six-cylinder electronic ignition kit

Electroair Benefits

  • Smoother engine operation
  • Longer spark plug life typical
  • DO -160E tested and certified
  • Ignition timing automatically adjusts with altitude
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • 10-15% gain in fuel efficiency
  • Reduces spark plug fouling
  • Improves high altitude performance
  • More horsepower
  • Comprehensive technical support

Electroair offers both experimental and certified systems for most four and six cylinder Lycoming and Continental engines. Electroair’s systems are FAA/PMA certified for most single and twin applications. Additional applications are continually being added.

Many more new projects are planned with many currently underway. Electroair is currently flight testing a new MTH for the six cylinder Lycoming engine and soon the Robinson line of helicopters. A system to replace the single drive dual magneto is on the drawing board and will begin fabrication as soon as feasible.

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