airforms bafflesIn the midst of another major product line expansion, Airforms, Inc. has announced FAA PMA approval for the engine baffles on the 1972.5-1975 Piper PA28-180, and on the PA28-235.

The PA28-180 replacement baffles are eligible for installation on all Piper Cherokee 180’s S/N 28-7205092 through 28-7505259. The Cherokee 235 baffles are eligible for installation on all PA28-235’s – S/N 28-10003 through 28-7210033.

Airforms’ engineering department received the new PMA’s (Part Manufacturing Approvals) recently through its continued work with the FAA Anchorage ACO (Aircraft Certification Office). The new Cherokee baffles add to an existing product line of over 60 unique kits of FAA PMA’d engine baffles for a wide range of aircraft.

“The Cherokee community has provided us with a loyal customer base since the introduction of our 1st FAA PMA’d PA28 baffles,” stated Airforms’ Sales & Marketing Executive, Steve Hunter. “These new approvals allow us to provide high value baffle solutions to new segments of the Cherokee fleet with components of outstanding quality and workmanship offered at extremely low prices.”

“Our certification team is working on several additional engine baffle kits and other components for which we will be announcing FAA PMA approval in the very near future. Keep an eye on our website for all the latest information,” added Hunter.

Airforms baffles are available with either a bare or durable powder coat finish, incorporate design reinforcements with longer lasting materials, and feature reinforced silicone seals fastened to the metal baffles with rivets. All baffles are FAA approved replacements for the original Piper parts, and are individually interchangeable.

Airforms is the world’s leading supplier of replacement engine baffles for a wide range of general aviation aircraft; products also include an expanding line of turboprop aircraft PMA parts and STCs. Airforms maintains an FAA approved manufacturing system for PMA parts, supported by an engineering department with FAA DER staff.

For more information, including a secure online marketplace and catalog, visit Airforms’ operates from 7 AM to 7 PM CST business days and can be reached directly at 907-892-8244.