Author: Bob Hart

Buy an Airplane, Get a Panel

BUY a Panel, GET an Airplane! What Most Pre-Purchase Inspections Won’t Tell You about Avionics By Bob Hart – www.AvionixHelp.com The above headline sounds like a promotion from one of those mega avionics shops or aviation...

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ADS-B Today: Part I

ADS-B Today – Part I By Bob Hart – www.AvionixHelp.com In 2009, the FAA started implementation of NextGen, a massive overhaul of the national airspace system. However, the foundation for NextGen and the use of ADS-B...

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Avionics for the “Hard” IFR Pilot

Flying for Business: Avionics Tools for the “Hard” IFR Pilot By Bob Hart – www.AvionixHelp.com The gift of flight means different things to different people, but, for many, it’s simply an unfulfilled dream. You see these...

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ADS-B Today: Part II

ADS-B Today – Part II The Manufacturers By Bob Hart – www.AvionixHelp.com Although the ADS-B mandate is five years away, meeting the mandate looms heavy in the minds of aircraft owners. As we defined in Part One,...

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