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My Sky: The Flights & Times of Bill Cox

JP Media LLC has published a book by longtime pilot and writer Bill Cox entitled “My Sky: The Flights & Times of Bill Cox.” It details his lifelong travels as a pilot, in the beautifully scripted way in which only Bill can write. 


Never Run It Dry

As calmly as I could, I turned on the fuel pump, then, feigning a casual motion, reached down and switched to a tank with some fuel in it. I turned to mom and Bob in the back seat, summoned what I hoped would be a reassuring smile and said, “Sorry about that. It’s no big problem. I just ran a tank dry. The engine will pick up in a few seconds.”

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When to Abort

Mention the word “abort” to a pilot, and you’ll immedi­ately summon visions of every pilot’s nightmare — an engine failure on takeoff. The airlines have rigid rules for handling that problem; general aviation should have the same rules, but it usually doesn’t

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Piper Arrow: Mr. Reliability

A Piper pilot’s aircraft problems are only beginning when the en¬gine fails, and the consequences of mismanaging the emergency landing can be considerably more severe. For that reason, and engine reliability is one of the pri¬mary concerns of many aviators. TBO can be a major consideration when operating an aircraft, but an equal¬ly important measure of an engine’s ability to continue running in adverse conditions is how many times it has to visit the shop between overhauIs.
The Lycoming O-320 and O-360 series aircraft engines are almost universally regarded as perhaps the most bulletproof of powerplants.

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Piper Seneca

Any Piper Seneca is a flexible, talented machine, simple to fly and fairly easy on maintenance (compared to other twins). Add to that good short field performance, quick cruise, and enough creature com¬fort for most normal-sized creatures and you have all the ingredients that have kept Piper’s tough little Sen¬eca in production for a surprising 49 years.

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