Saratoga Brake Pressure Issue: What can cause brake pressure loss in a Saratoga.

Q A week ago, the right brake on my PA-32R-301T SP became very soft and ineffective. I had a mechanic attempt to service the brakes by inspecting for leaks (calipers, brake lines, fittings) then bleeding the system according to the service manual. In the process all pressure to the brake system was lost. They were able to regain pressure momentarily by aggressively pumping the handbrake, but seconds later pressure was lost again. A very small bit of hydraulic fluid was found on the 90-degree fitting coming out of the handbrake master cylinder, but it was less than a drop.

The mechanic thinks the seals in the hand brake master cylinder have failed. Has anyone experienced this problem? I had the hand brake master cylinder rebuilt and it’s a definite improvement, but over a short period of time (10 minutes) the brakes become soft again. Still no leaks found. If one of the two brake master cylinders was bad, could it relieve pressure from the whole system? Or could it mean there’s still air in the lines?

Nick Rahal

A I had an almost identical issue in my Arrow last year. An O-ring somewhere (not sure where) had moved slightly and needed to be reseated. After that they bled the brakes and I have been good to go since.

Jim McMannamy

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