Piper Arrow CHT Monitor Recommendations

Q I used to fly a Piper Archer II (PA-28-180) with steam gauges and older avionics. Great plane — loved it. I particularly loved the GEM 2 engine analyzer. It displayed each cylinder EGT as well as each cylinder CHT. I really liked how I could monitor my engine cylinder temps.

I upgraded in time to an Archer III with the Garmin G1000. It took a little getting used to but is also wonderful with tons of capability and information I never had. But it’s missing something; believe it or not, with all the advanced technology and capability it only has a four-probe EGT on the MFD — no CHT at all.

Does anyone know if it is possible to install a GEM 2 or some other electronic instrument (downloadable) so I can have four-cylinder CHT information? It already has a four-probe EGT so it can’t use those probes to talk to the GEM 2 engine analyzer — or am I wrong? I don’t want to mess up the G1000 but geez, I kind of miss the four-probe CHT I used to have to monitor cylinder head temps. Is there a separate four-probe CHT that can be installed in the Archer that would be independent of the G1000?

John Cronin

A I have a JPI EDM-830 in my Arrow, which has all four CHTs displayed, EGTs, fuel flow, oil pressure and temp, etc. The information can be downloaded via USB to your computer.

Jim McMannamy