The Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset features
excellent manufacturing quality.
The Zulu 3 is lightweight and comfortable,
which makes it ideal for long flights.
The headset’s controller has intuitive, easy-to-use controls and incorporates a Kevlar-core cable for durability.

Recently, I was looking at the Lightspeed Sierra headset I bought way back in 2011. Although it worked perfectly, it was getting pretty beaten up. I had replaced the ear pads last year, and I wasn’t planning on buying a new headset, but then I received an email from Lightspeed. I receive many aviation emails and I don’t always read them all, but for some reason I read this one.

The email said Lightspeed had a trade-up program that would allow me to return my old Sierra and get a shiny new Zulu 3 ANR headset at a $350 discount. I took advantage of that offer before it ended Jan. 31, 2023. While that special discount is no longer valid, the good news is that Lightspeed offers an ongoing standard discount of $250 for a Sierra trade-up. Other models also have a trade-in discount too. According to the Lightspeed Aviation website (, the following discounts apply:

Trade-Up ModelZulu 3Sierra
Sierra$250Not Available
Original Zulu$200Not Available
3G Series$100$100
Mach 1 Series$100$100
Non Lightspeed HeadsetsZulu 3Sierra
Bose A20$400Not Available
Bose X$150Not Available
Sennheiser ANR or
David Clark ANR$200Not Available
Any David Clark passive$100$100

I don’t know if Lightspeed will be offering the $350 discount again, but you can take advantage of the ongoing discount pro­gram if you’re so inclined. If you have a Sierra and want a Zulu 3, the final cost is $649! How can you beat that? Check it out!