PA-24-250 Comanche 1959-60 Specs

Here are the specs for a PA-24-250 Comanche, including engine horsepower, Comanche useful load, and more.

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EngineLycoming O-540-A1A5
PropellerHartzell 2-blade, 77″
Landing GearRet/Tri
Gross Weight, lbs.2800
Avg Empty Weight, lbs.1600
Avg Useful Load, lbs.1200
Baggage Capacity, lbs.200
Fuel, gallons60
Fuel, Min Octane91
Seats, Standard4
Seats, Optional0
Top Speed190 mph
Optimum @, ft10,000
Speed181 mph
Range785 sm
Endurance, hours4.5
Economy @, ft10,000
Speed176 mph
Range875 sm
Endurance, hours5
Stall, Clean60 mph
Stall, Flaps64 mph
Takeoff Roll, ft.750
Takeoff Over 50 ft.1,650
Approach Speed, Clean90 mph
Approach Speed, Flaps85 mph
Landing Roll, ft.650
Landing Over 50 ft.1,025
Service Ceiling20,000
Do Not Exceed227 mph
Best Glide100 mph