Obvious Innovations Product Review

As you know from reading my articles in PIPERS magazine and on the Piper Owner Society forum, I’m always im­proving something on my Arrow. I love the Arrow, and I enjoy immensely updating and restoring it. While the data tag on the tail says 1977, everything else is post-2018.

Just a few weeks ago, I completed installing the Knots2U speed mods and have picked up over 10 knots at cruise altitude. Today, I installed a new product from Obvious Innovations in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had received a postcard from the company informing me about a new air vent for our Pipers, and because a passenger in my plane recently accidentally kicked and broke one of the air vents, I was interested in theirs.

I visited their website and saw that their air vents are made from industrial-strength nylon rather than the brittle plastic of the original vents. They also feature a lower-profile design that makes them more difficult to kick and damage than the old ones, they’ve got Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA, and have a patent pending for their novel design. Needless to say, I ordered a set, and yesterday I replaced the broken vent. The design is every bit as good as the advertisement says. I’m pleased and recommend them highly!

You can purchase just one or a set of four at a discounted price. While expensive compared to the non-aviation world, these are fairly economical in airplane dollars. Please note that if you use discount code 3584IRA, you will get a Piper Owner Society 15% discount! For more information, visit obvious-innovations.com.

The new Obvious Innovations air vent on the left. Scott’s old, brittle plastic air vent on the right.