Engine Monitor Probe Placement. Turbo Lance II and other models, where to place the probes.

Q I have a ’78 Turbo Lance II with a Turboplus Intercooler modification with top louvers. I am installing additional sensors for my JPI 830. I am looking for recommendations on the placement of the OAT probe. JPI gives only generic recommendations. They recommend the underside of the wing which of course requires quite a bit of wire routing that I would prefer to avoid. I thought of placing it in the glareshield next to my standard OAT probe. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Richard Osman

A My Seneca 2 had the probe just in front of the copilot’s door. My Arrow has one on the roof through the old ADF antenna hole. The wing is good; you can’t put one on the belly of a single-engine plane due to engine heat, of course.

Scott Sherer, Piper Owner Society Aviation Director

A I installed mine in an air vent on a Hawk XP. While it might take a little more wiring, it keeps the probe away from any heat coming from the engine, and hiding it in the vent kept it from causing more parasite drag.

James Szendrey