Turbo Lance Vacuum Pump Replacement and trouble finding the nut to replace pump.

Q I have a PA-32-RT-300T with a TIO-540-S1AD and on my last trip the artificial horizon started a small tilt and the directional gyro stopped turning. The vacuum gauge read zero, so I need to replace my vacuum pump. I opened the cowl today and tried to remove the pump. The top two nuts were easy to access, but how do you get to the bottom nuts without removing everything from the accessory drive? Even the special wrench from RAPCO looks like it won’t be of any use and won’t be able to get to the bottom nuts.

Does anyone have any experience, tips, or tricks to getting to these bottom two nuts? Putting them back on with the new pump seems next to impossible, too.

I can’t believe something that needs to be replaced as often as a vacuum pump is so difficult to get to.

Trip Kelleher

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