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Pipers Magazine June 2010

Featured Aircraft: Piper’s First Tricycle Trainer: The Colt by Bill Cox, Going To Glass, Southwest Style: Aspen Avionics by Jim Cavanagh, The Importance of Recurrent Training by Tony Montalte, The Easy Way to Prevent Engine Wear by Jim Cavanagh, Understanding Your Air Box and Filter by Jacqueline Shipe, Install LED Strobe Beacons in 5 Simple Steps by Todt Clark

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Pipers Magazine May 2010

Featured Aircraft: The Gentlest Apache by Bill Cox, The Astounding Transformation of 8905W by Brian Price, Anti-Terrorism Regulations by Maggie Pickart, A Rookie Mistake by Anthony Nalli, Aviation Preschool by Jim Cavanagh, Flying During Apartheid by Bill Cox, 12 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Paint Jobs by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine April 2010

Find the Right Headset for You by Jim Cavanagh, Featured Aircraft: A Seneca for Panama by Bill Cox, The History of the Pilot’s Watch by Steve Lundin, When “See and Avoid” is All You Can Do: The Story of Flying with Gaetan by Kathie Brosemer, Trade Your Wings for Wheels by Dahon, Piper “Russian” Towards Light Sport by Jim Cavanagh, Memories of Africa: Surveying the Sahara by Bill Cox, Solutions to Your Cherokee’s Problems

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Pipers Magazine March 2010

Springtime Prep: Avoid the Unseen Dangers by Floyd Allen, Featured Aircraft: A Cheyenne Over Europe by Bill Cox, 8 Steps for Springtime Prep by Jim Cavanagh, Cheyenne Owners: Avoid the Overhaul by Edwin Black, Tort-Free Aviation? by Jim Cavanagh, Nuts and Bolts: The Basics You Should Know by Jacqueline Shipe, Doing Your Own Preventive Maintenance by Terry Lee Rogers

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