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Pipers Magazine October 2016

How to Diagnose & Remedy Chronically Stiff Pitch Trim, Part 1: Jack Screw Maintenance by Scott Sherer, Featured Plane Pawnee Brave 400: A Brave to Ecuador by Bill Cox, How to Build a Basic Toolbox – 9 Must-have Tools for those “What-if…”Moments by Jim Cavanagh, How to Sound Like a Professional when Flying in the IFR System by Joel Turpin, 5 Rewarding Reasons to Pursue an IFR Rating by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine September 2016

A DIY Guide to Installing Lighted Wingtips Part 2: Pulse Electronics Wiring by Scott Sherer, The Evolution of Mode S Trig Avionics: Little Boxes … Big Ideas! by Bob Hart, The J-3: A Cub for Piper by Bill Cox, Is it a violation to mount a GoPro-style camera to your aircraft? by Ryan Mohr, Mastering the Crosswind Takeoff and Landing by Joel Turpin, Giving Back by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine August 2016

A Fresh Look at Legacy Avionics, How to Prevent a Gear Up Landing from Ruining Your Day, Featured Plane – Warrior, What Pilots Need to Know about Declaring an Emergency, Vortex Generators: The Finishing Touch to Wing Design, How to Find (and Keep) a Good Mechanic, Understanding Non-owned Insurance, EFFICIENCY: The Fourth Pillar of Flight Operations

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Pipers Magazine June 2016

Facelift for a King! How to Transform Your Dilapidated King Radio into the Pride of Your Panel, Featured Plane Turbo Arrow, The Piper Arrow’s Auto Gear Extension System, 8 Ways to Reduce the Risks of an In-flight Emergency, Are YOU Prepared for a Water Egress?, How to Prepare for a SURVIVAL EMERGENCY, Piper Service Bulletin 1006: “A Tankless Job”

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