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Pipers Magazine October 2014

Pilot’s Response to the Media’s Latest Attack on General Aviation by Jim Cavanagh, Hunting from the Air? by Floyd Allen, How to Build a BETTER-than-New Seneca II and Overcome the Unexpected Challenges of Aircraft Refurbishment by Roger Battistoni, Instructing in Your Own Plane Doesn’t Have to be Risky by Mike Adams, 3 Tricks to Trim Fuel Costs, Featured Plane – Piper’s Iconic J-3 Cub by Bill Cox, Valve Clearances and Hydraulic Lifters by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine September 2014

ELT Stories: Why “Invest” in a 406? by Bob Hart, School Days, School Days, Flying’s Golden Rules Days by Floyd Allen, Frank Schubert: From Chicago to Mars … in a Warrior! by Rick Gardner, Featured Plane – Saratoga: Piper’s 6-Seat Entry Level Limo by Bill Cox, After the Annual “Insurance”: Don’t Discount the Double-check! by Jacqueline Shipe, 3 Good Reasons NOT to Skip the 500 Hour Magneto Inspection by Tom Ferguson

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Pipers Magazine August 2014

10 Tips and Takeaways from a First Timer’s Flight to Oshkosh by Matt Hofeldt, Everything You Need to Know about Aircraft Electrical in 1,000 Words by Jim Cavanagh, Cessna and Piper Spring Beach Paradise by Rick Gardner, $avionics: An Insider’s Advice on Shopping the Shows by Bob Hart, Veterans Airlift Command: Connecting Planes, Pilots and Combat Wounded by Sally Marks, New South Wind Heater AD … Coming soon by Cara Sandmann, The Past, Present, and Future of Concorde Battery and the Aviation Battery Industry by Max Lundin, Insuring Yourself in a Borrowed Plane by Mike Kerwin, Featured Plane – Piper Cherokee 180: The World’s Easiest Flying Airplane? by Bill Cox, Sticky Valve Salvation: How to Diagnose and Treat a Suspect Valve by Jacqueline Shipe, So, what’s the deal about the Preflight Mag Check? by Tom Ferguson

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Pipers Magazine July 2014

An Insider’s Approach to Effective Water Rescue – What YOU can do to Increase Your Odds of Survival by Randy Boone, Piper Pilot Roger Stradley Tracks from the Air by Lisa Baril, Hangar Etiquette – Don’t be That Pilot by Max Lundin, Four of America’s Most Restricted Fly Zones by Floyd Allen, Engine Management Options for the Modern GA Pilot by Bob Hart, Featured Plane – The Dakota: Piper’s answer to the Skylane by Bill Cox, Just what are those oily streaks on your constant speed propeller blades? by Tom Ferguson

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Pipers Magazine June 2014

Engine Management Options for the Modern GA Pilot by Bob Hart, A quick history of the Third Class designation and where it’s headed by Jim Cavanagh, The Skies are Full of Dogs and Cats and Parrots, Oh My! Simple Pre-flight Preparations for Pilots with Pets by Floyd Allen, Safety Corner – Recurrency Training and Insurance by Mike Kerwin, There’s Something about Mountains by Bill Cox, Featured Plane – Seneca V: Little Big Twin by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine May 2014

BUY a Panel, GET an Airplane? What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Won’t Tell You about the Avionics by Bob Hart, Mother’s and Father’s Day – Gift Ideas for the Pilot Parents by Floyd Allen, To Bangkok with Love – MultiCorp Makeover Transforms Weary Warrior into Better-than-New Machine by Roger Battistoni, Garmin’s GDL-39 ADS-B Receiver – ADS-B for under $1000 by Bill Cox, The Death of Cookie Cutter Design by Max Lundin, Featured Plane – Archer: In the Fourth Generation by Bill Cox, Owners: It’s Okay to Get Your Hands Dirty! by Tom Ferguson

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Pipers Magazine April 2014

Legendary Apache Conversion Transforms Piper’s Lovable “Sweet Potato” into a Better Bird … at a Practical Price by Jim Cavanagh, Flying for Business – Avionics Tools for the “Hard” IRF Pilot by Bob Hart, B-Bird is the Word – Modern Methods Used to Mitigate Bird Problems at GA Airports and Hangars by Floyd Allen, Marshall Knox: A Lifetime in the Sky by Max Lundin, Aircraft Registration & Insurance – More than Meets the Eye by Marci Veronie, Featured Plane – The Arrow by Bill Cox, Aircraft Carburetors 101 by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine March 2014

How Proposed Regs could Positively Impact the Future of GA by Steven Sokol, How to Use Your Airplane and Abilities to Help Others by Floyd Allen, Expert Advice on Avionics and What to Look for in a Good Deal by Bob Hart, Combat the Oft-ignored Dangers of Vibration with Dynamic Balancing by Matthew Dock, An A&P’s Perspective on Preflight Inspections – 5 Often Overlooked Preflight Precautions by Tom Ferguson

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Pipers Magazine February 2014

Avionics Tools for the SERIOUS IFR Pilot by Bob Hart, A Curious Cure for Nose Gear Shimmy by Dave McFarlane, Shopping for an Aircraft Loan? by Dan Garzelloni, New Year’s Resolutions for the GA Pilot by Floyd Allen, Insuring to Value by Michael J. Adams, Featured Plane – Piper Apache: The World’s First Modern Twin Trainer by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine December 2013

Santa’s other Little Helpers – Avionics Upgrades for the Everyday “Elf” by Bob Hart, The 12-Step Process of a Professional Paint Job by Floyd Allen, 4 Outside-the-box Gift Ideas for the Pilot in your Life by Max Lundin, How to Install A.M.R. & D. Gap Seals on your Cherokee by Wade Sullivan and Ken Davies, Safety Corner – Got Carb Ice? by Tom Turner, Featured Plane – Piper Clipper – the World’s Most-Minimum Four-Seater by Bill Cox, How YOU can awaken your inner altruism and give back to aviation by Scott Stahl

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Pipers Magazine November 2013

A Pilot’s Guide to Cold Weather Starter & Alternator Operations by Tim Gauntt, Avionics Tools for the “Light” IFR Aircraft by Bob Hart, High-tech Tools Transform Worst Case Scenario into Triumphant Tale of Survival by Max Lundin, 6 Must-have Tools for the Backyard Mechanic by Jim Cavanagh, Got Carb Ice? by Tom Turner, When Things Go Wrong – a Pilot’s Emergency Plan by Scott Stahl, To Overhaul or Reseal, that is the Question by Chris Bell, Featured Plane – Colt, Piper’s first Tri-gear Trainer by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine October 2013

6 Cheap & Easy Ways to Get More Speed by Bill Cox, How to Replace, Repair & Upgrade Avionics without Breaking the Bank by Bob Hart, Trusty Tips and New Tech to Get the Job Done by Max Lundin, 4 Great Reasons to Upgrade to a Three-Blade Propeller by Bilel Labidi, 6 Do-it-yourself Steps to a (relatively) Pain-Free Wing Root Seal Replacement by Wade Sullivan, How to Avoid Fuel Starvation by Thomas P. Turner, Piper-Stinson 108: The Joy of a Tailwheel by Bill Cox, 3 Basic Principles every Pilot should know BEFORE Leaving the Ground by Scott Stahl

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Pipers Magazine September 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New – Should You Dump Your Old 6-Pack for a New Glass Cockpit? by Max Lundin, Rusty Screw Remedy Stainless Steel Hardware Replacement by Jim Cavanagh, Your Avionics Panel: Part 1 Avionics “Tools” for the VFR Pilot by Bob Hart, Safety Corner – Don’t Throw Caution to the Tailwind by Jim Lauerman, Featured Plane – The Piper Super Cruiser by Bill Cox, Aviation Education – The 5 Things you Need to Know about ADS-B by Scott Stahl

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Pipers Magazine August 2013

Brake Breakdown – Part 3: Installation by Max Lundin, Spring Break in the Bahamas by Pia Hilbert, 10 Steps the Pros take to get Your Engine Flying High! by Floyd Allen, A REAL Family Plane by Lindsay Hansen, Avoid the Dangers of Not Staying Current by Jim Lauerman, Featured Plane – Piper Seminole, Say “NO” to Airspace Anxiety by Scott Stahl, What REALLY Happens in an Oil Filter during a Cold Start, A Clear View on Window Care and Replacement by Jacqueline Shipe, Runway Destinations – Page Field (KFMY) Fort Myers, Florida by Steve Lundin

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Pipers Magazine July 2013

Brake Breakdown – Part 2: Inspection, Understanding and Reducing the Risks of Mountain Flying, Cylinder Service & Selection by Jim Cavanagh, Art Mattson’s Amazing Journey by Ken Davies, How to Pick the Right Instructor by Jason Blair, Featured Plane Malibu 310: The Pleasures of Pressurization by Bill Cox, Anatomy of an Oil Filter, A Simple Guide to Alternator Understanding & Upkeep by Jacqueline Shipe, The Case for Oil Analysis and Attentive Maintenance by John A. Bradley, The Fine Art of Crashing by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine June 2013

4 Components you can’t afford to Ignore by Bob Hart, Find the Brakes to Fit the Way You Fly by Max Lundin, How to Build a BETTER-THAN-NEW Dakota by Roger Battistoni, Runway Destinations – Lansing Municipal Airport by Steve Lundin, Keep your Cool and Beat the Heat in Hot Flying Conditions by Mike Adams, Nuts and Bolts Basics Every Pilot should know by Scott Stahl, Featured Plane – Piper’s PA-35 Pocono by Bill Cox, The Right Way to Check Spark Plug Resistors, Red Planet Piloting by Bill Cox, How to Inspect, Test, and Maintain Injector Nozzles by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine May 2013

Simple Suggestions to Spruce up Your Plane’s Interior by Floyd Allen, Owner Assisted Annuals vs. Taking your Plane to the Shop by Jim Cavanagh, Tactical Flashlights by Max Lundin, Get Maximum Benefit from Your Personal Minimums by Mike Adams, Featured Plane – The Tomahawk by Bill Cox, The Stabilized Approach—Defined and Demystified by Scott Stahl, A Simple Guide to Aircraft Hose & Tubing Maintenance by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine April 2013

6 Simple Steps to Make your Flights Foolproof by Floyd Allen, Finding Ms. Daisy by Matt Hofeldt, An Area-by-Area Check of 7 Key Components by Floyd Allen, Featured Plane – Cherokee 180 by Bill Cox, Rough Running Engine at Idle by Jacqueline Shipe, University or FBO Which Flight School is Right for You? by Alysha Tellefson, Runway Destinations Camarillo Airport by Steve Lundin

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Pipers Magazine March 2013

4 Things you can do NOW for when you’re Ready to Sell by Chris Kirk, How to Build a Better-than-New Piper Aztec by Roger Battistoni, Piper Lance – 35 Years Later by Bill Cox, Pre-heating and Proper Maintenance Key to Cold Weather Starting by Jacqueline Shipe, Pilot Logs GATTS’ Instrument Rating Program by Larry Hall

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