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Pipers Magazine July 2013

Brake Breakdown – Part 2: Inspection, Understanding and Reducing the Risks of Mountain Flying, Cylinder Service & Selection by Jim Cavanagh, Art Mattson’s Amazing Journey by Ken Davies, How to Pick the Right Instructor by Jason Blair, Featured Plane Malibu 310: The Pleasures of Pressurization by Bill Cox, Anatomy of an Oil Filter, A Simple Guide to Alternator Understanding & Upkeep by Jacqueline Shipe, The Case for Oil Analysis and Attentive Maintenance by John A. Bradley, The Fine Art of Crashing by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine June 2013

4 Components you can’t afford to Ignore by Bob Hart, Find the Brakes to Fit the Way You Fly by Max Lundin, How to Build a BETTER-THAN-NEW Dakota by Roger Battistoni, Runway Destinations – Lansing Municipal Airport by Steve Lundin, Keep your Cool and Beat the Heat in Hot Flying Conditions by Mike Adams, Nuts and Bolts Basics Every Pilot should know by Scott Stahl, Featured Plane – Piper’s PA-35 Pocono by Bill Cox, The Right Way to Check Spark Plug Resistors, Red Planet Piloting by Bill Cox, How to Inspect, Test, and Maintain Injector Nozzles by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine May 2013

Simple Suggestions to Spruce up Your Plane’s Interior by Floyd Allen, Owner Assisted Annuals vs. Taking your Plane to the Shop by Jim Cavanagh, Tactical Flashlights by Max Lundin, Get Maximum Benefit from Your Personal Minimums by Mike Adams, Featured Plane – The Tomahawk by Bill Cox, The Stabilized Approach—Defined and Demystified by Scott Stahl, A Simple Guide to Aircraft Hose & Tubing Maintenance by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine April 2013

6 Simple Steps to Make your Flights Foolproof by Floyd Allen, Finding Ms. Daisy by Matt Hofeldt, An Area-by-Area Check of 7 Key Components by Floyd Allen, Featured Plane – Cherokee 180 by Bill Cox, Rough Running Engine at Idle by Jacqueline Shipe, University or FBO Which Flight School is Right for You? by Alysha Tellefson, Runway Destinations Camarillo Airport by Steve Lundin

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Pipers Magazine March 2013

4 Things you can do NOW for when you’re Ready to Sell by Chris Kirk, How to Build a Better-than-New Piper Aztec by Roger Battistoni, Piper Lance – 35 Years Later by Bill Cox, Pre-heating and Proper Maintenance Key to Cold Weather Starting by Jacqueline Shipe, Pilot Logs GATTS’ Instrument Rating Program by Larry Hall

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Pipers Magazine February 2013

Survival Gear for the Rough Landing by Steve Lundin, Featured Plane: Piper Dakota Renovating a Classic Cherokee by Bill Cox, Motorcycle on Board – A Ground Transportation Solution by David Shelton, Whipping Winter By Keith Mathiowetz, The Benefits of Oil Analysis Regular Testing Keeps Your Engine Healthy and Happy by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine December 2012

2012 Most Popular Pilot Holiday Gifts by Jim Cavanagh, Piper Malibu/Mirage – Medium Twin with One Engine? by Bill Cox, Install a Remote Oil Filter Kit to Make DIY Oil Change Easy by John Bradley, A Review of the Top ANR Units, The Pre-1986 Used Aircraft Market – What’s Going On? by Roger Battistoni, Revolutionizing the Aircraft Engine Preheating Industry by Aerotherm Staff

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Pipers Magazine October 2012

Charting a New Course Today’s Avionics by Floyd Allen, Piper Arrow In The Fifth Decade by Bill Cox, Powder Coating Plane Parts – An Alternative to Paint by John Bradley, A Poor Economy Creates Opportunity for Airplane Ownership by Dan Meyer, Editor’s Letter – Piper Family Reunion by Keith Mathiowetz, Fighting the Weather with Preparation and Skill by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine December 2011

Record Your Flight with a Datatoys High-Definition System, Using Your Personal Locater Beacon (PLB) on Water by Randy Boone, Fill Landing Gear Struts on the Ramp without Jacks by Richard Bogert, Electroair Receives STC for New Ignition System, Stay in Touch with Transceivers from Marv Golden Pilot Supplies, The Easy Way to Keep Your Engine Dry, Upset Recovery Training Do You Need It? by Brian Willett, Featured Aircraft – Cherokee Six 260, Getting a New Paint Job by Eric Hockman

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