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Pipers Magazine April 2010

Find the Right Headset for You by Jim Cavanagh, Featured Aircraft: A Seneca for Panama by Bill Cox, The History of the Pilot’s Watch by Steve Lundin, When “See and Avoid” is All You Can Do: The Story of Flying with Gaetan by Kathie Brosemer, Trade Your Wings for Wheels by Dahon, Piper “Russian” Towards Light Sport by Jim Cavanagh, Memories of Africa: Surveying the Sahara by Bill Cox, Solutions to Your Cherokee’s Problems

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Pipers Magazine March 2010

Springtime Prep: Avoid the Unseen Dangers by Floyd Allen, Featured Aircraft: A Cheyenne Over Europe by Bill Cox, 8 Steps for Springtime Prep by Jim Cavanagh, Cheyenne Owners: Avoid the Overhaul by Edwin Black, Tort-Free Aviation? by Jim Cavanagh, Nuts and Bolts: The Basics You Should Know by Jacqueline Shipe, Doing Your Own Preventive Maintenance by Terry Lee Rogers

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