Author: Bill Cox

Saratoga HP

Featured Plane Piper Saratoga II TC Six-Pack to Go! Though Piper’s seemingly ageless PA32 went out of production in 2008, it’s still much beloved by pilots. Most of the time, the first land you cross inbound from the U.S....

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Featured Plane Archer: In the Fourth Generation Reliability and Easy Handling have made the Archer a Mainstay in the Piper Lineup Many people regard the Piper Archer as the quintessential Cherokee. While it’s true today’s...

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Bold Warrior

Featured Plane A Warrior with ENTHUSIASM How to “Boldly” Promote your Warrior to an Archer It seems Cherokees are forever. At least, we hope they are. As the low wing alternative to Cessna’s popular Skyhawk, the Piper Warrior...

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Featured Plane The Piper Dakota: Piper’s answer to the Skylane was well worth the investment Let’s say you manufacture a line of general aviation airplanes that’s fairly competitive with most anything on the market. You’ve been...

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J3 Cub

Featured Plane Piper’s Iconic J-3 Cub Floyd Threet was one of the more senior members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) squadron on Merrill Field in Anchorage, Alaska, when I signed up as a Cadet in 1953. Threet owned perhaps the...

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Malibu 310

Featured Plane Piper Malibu 310 The Price & Pleasures of Pressurization Pressurization is perhaps aviation’s ultimate creature comfort. There’s little question that the market for light to medium twins has diminished...

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Featured Plane The Meridian Piper’s Sole Turboprop Gets Down to Business Designers have dreamed of fielding single-engine turboprops for years. On the surface, propjets seem to offer the best of everything—if at a price. Teaming...

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Featured Plane The Pressurized Navajo Piper’s Strongest Indian At 7800 pounds, this was the heaviest and most powerful piston Piper ever built. General Aviation is perhaps best known for its diversity. Here in the United States,...

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Featured Plane Piper Apache The World’s First Modern Twin Trainer The airplane that taught many of today’s airline captains to fly I was sitting across from Chief Wendell Chino, chief of America’s Chiracahua Apache Indian tribe,...

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Seneca V

Featured Plane Seneca V Little Big Twin When most twins disappeared in the ‘80s, the Piper Seneca soldiered on. Twenty years later, it’s one of only four piston multis still in production. Right up front, at the risk of...

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Super Cub

Featured Plane A Tale of Two Cubs Born in the ‘30s when airplanes were simpler and tougher, the Cub became an icon of aviation. It was both joyous and sad—and totally unexpected. I was in Florida on editorial business when I...

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Featured Plane Piper Warrior Four-Seat Trainer for Two Though now out of production, the Piper Warrior was a capable competitor to Cessna’s Skyhawk. Park a Warrior next to a Skyhawk, and the primary differences would be all too...

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Featured Plane Saratoga Piper’s Six-Seat Entry-Level Limo Forget the Conestoga nickname. The Piper Saratoga was a first-class traveling machine. Since the first Piper Lance was sold back in 1976, I always regarded the concept of...

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